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Get Outta Your Mind|| Zombie Makeup

Hello Friends!

The other day I was able to convince my little brother to let me turn him into a zombie. I thought I would go through the products I used and the steps I took to get this look.

  1. I started with the same base as the doll makeup. The whole point here is look like an undead human, not Casper the friendly ghost. So I used MakeUp ForEver Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation in the shade 20 Ivory and mixed it with Ben Nye white cream. Since my brother is young he doesn’t have any dark circles, but I did use some extra product to cover up his five o’clock shadow.
  2. Next I used the sleek ultra-matte palette and used the purple and navy shades to hollow out his eye sockets and his cheekbones.
  3. I took liquid latex* and a makeup sponge and layered that on his forehead and his cheek. You have to be careful with this stuff because it will pull out your hair.
  4. While that was drying I took the navy shadow and draw some veins around the areas where these cuts were. I also used the purple and navy to create some other bruises round his face and neck, giving him an overall dirty look.
  5. When the latex was dry I powdered it with Ben Nye translucent powder and began to carefully rip the center of the latex open to create the cuts.
  6. I took the navy blue shadow and put that all over the inside of the latex and a little bit around the edges.
  7. I began to layer navy, purple, green, dark red and bright red to both cuts to blend the latex into the skin and make them look like deep, infected cuts.
  8. Then I moved onto the mouth and black eyeshadow to the lips and corners of the mouth. Then I added a little bit of red lipstick and blended that in with the black shadow on the lips to make them look dead but like he recently ate blood.
  9. I finished it off by adding Ben Nye scab blood to the cuts and other spots around the face and mouth.

And that’s it – a zombie perfect for Halloween or just to scare your mom


Happy Haunting! And have a beautiful day!

Xo, Anna


*please note that I did a test swatch of latex on his arm before we started to make sure he didn’t have an allergy.


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