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Do You Want To Play? || Creepy Doll Makeup

Hello Friends!

A few weeks ago I did a creepy puppet doll makeup and I am just now getting around to blogging about it. I thought I would go through the products I used and the steps I took to get this look.

  1. I took my MakeUp ForEver Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation in the shade 20 Ivory (a.k.a. my natural paleness) and mixed it with Ben Nye white cream paint to create a really porcelain doll-like complexion. I also used my it Cosmetic Bye Bye Under Eye in the lightest shade and e.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer in Fair to cover up my dark circles and any other red spots on my face. You basically want to be as pale as possible here.
  2. I put e.l.f. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer all over my lid and the shade flower child from the tarte Tartelette 2 In Bloom palette to add a little color to my eyelids. I lined just my upper lash line with a black eyeliner pencil and added some mascara.
  3. I took the same eyeliner pencil and drew two lines about half an inch down. Then I connected those lines with a curved line that mirrors my lower lash line. Then I took that same white cream paint and filled in that space under the eye.
  4. I applied false eyelashes to my upper lash line and to the new drawn-on lower lash line.
  5. I took a bright pink blush and applied it in a circle to the apples of my cheeks only.
  6. I used the same black eyeliner and added a few dots to my cheeks to look like freckles.
  7. Now for the mouth: I took the black eyeliner pencil and drew two lines down about an inch and a half down from both corners of my mouth. Then I drew two straight lines across, one about half an inch above the end of those lines down and the other connect the ends.
  8. I used the same black pencil to draw short lines, creating the appearance of teeth, on my bottom lip and in that newly created space near my chin. I used the same white cream paint to fill in those “teeth”.
  9. I used black face paint to fill in the large space between my rows of teeth and went over it watch a matte black eyeshadow to prevent transfer and really darken that color.
  10. I finished the look by adding red lipstick to my top lip and my chin.

And there you have it – a creepy doll makeup perfect for Halloween or just to scare your mom (that’s what I did anyway)

Happy Haunting! And have a beautiful day!

Xo, Anna



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